Saturday, July 17, 2010

Book Review: Twelfth Night

Book: Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare
Genre: Drama (Comedy)
Published: 1623
How I Got the Book: required read for class

Synopsis (from "Twelfth Night" is the story of Orsino, a nobleman in the kingdom if Illyria. Following a shipwreck Orsino employs Viola, who when abandoned by the shipwreck disguises herself as a man named Cesario. Soon Viola falls in love with Orsino, however Orsino is in love with Lady Olivia who has fallen for Viola, believing her to be a man. "Twelfth Night" is a classic Shakespearean comedy of mistaken identities.

My Thoughts: This is the first comedy of Shakespeare's I have read. It's always surprising to me how *funny* something almost 400 years old could actually be. But that is why Shakespeare is the master. Androgyny never gets old. There is also undeniable homoeroticism. I loved it. I actually wrote a paper on female homosexuality disguised as friendship through dialogue on this play. The whole concept of loving someone in disguise then unfalling in love with them because of gender but falling in love with someone who llooks like that person is so far fecthed and crazy. It was just a light read overall. (Even though Shakespeare is very hard to read, yes even to an English major...I can admit that.) How it all magically works out is ridiculous. I still very much prefer Shakespeare's tragedies any day.

Characters: Cartoony, over the top, and not complicated but it *is* a comedy what can you do?

Cover Art: I like this edition of Shakespeare's works, nice script and nicely colored background.



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