Friday, July 16, 2010

Book Review: The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane by Katherine Howe

Book: The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane by Katherine Howe
Genre: Fiction
Published: June 2009
How I Got the Book: Library

Synopsis (from b&
Connie is looking forward to starting work on her graduate thesis over the summer, when her mother asks her to sell an abandoned house once owned by her grandmother in Salem, Mass. Relunctantly, Connie moves to the small town and inhabits the crumbling, ancient house, trying to restore it to a semblance of order. Curious things start to happen when Connie finds the name "Deliverance Dane" on a yellowed scrap of paper inside an old Bible, and begins to have visions of a long ago woman condemned for practicing "physick," or herbal healing, on her neighbors in 1690s Salem. Interspersed with modern-day sections are chapters on the actual witch trials, revealing the fascinating story of Deliverance Dane and how she got caught up in the tragic events.

My Thoughts: I thought this book was great. I am fascinated by the Salem Witch trials. Howe did a great job flexing her knowledge of the time period with flashbacks. It got very deatailed and intimate with the trials and what it was like to be a fly on the wall following the accused. Very well researched; and I liked the modern storyline (though it was really predictable, some things were suppose to shock the reader...not me. But that's okay.) Some of the parts of the book got pretty spooky, it set a very cool tone. She lives in an abandoned house with mysterious events happening and some descriptions were perfect for an autumn night. I was also interested in the academia part of the book. It showed the reader a glimpse into what it takes to get a doctorate. I also liked the generations of women through the book.

Characters: I liked the main character Connie but her mother irritated me to no end. You have to read the book to understand but after awhile her lofty antics got old. Sam, the love interest, was cute. He didn't wow me too much.

Cover Art: Gorgeous! And it fits the content of the book SO well.

Overall: ★★★★


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